Finding God In 2020

Reflecting over the course of these months (March to this present time), it seemed like one big dream I wished I could be awakened from.

Yet, here we are ... faced with reality. The world is in a pandemic and tensions are high.

More specifically, the Bahamas was on a lockdown and, even to date, we still have a curfew that limits our movements.

It all sounds like something out of a doomsday novel, preparing us for the end of the world but yet this is our present reality. It’s not fiction or a story that we conjured up.

Where did this leave us?

I’d say at a point of decision.

Many of us were faced with the decision to give up and make some not so good decisions, yet we opted not to.

We fought, found wisdom, and learned to navigate through the chaotic maze that was 2020.

Finally, we can celebrate because we’re almost done with this year. We are almost across the finish line.

My biggest take away from 2020, was FIND GOD IN EVERYTHING.

As hectic or chaotic as it was, God is in 2020.

God Is In The Delay

I’m of the belief that God does not waste time. Hours, days, months, or years that go by do not disqualify us from seeing and experiencing the promises of God.

In fact, I feel that each second that we are waiting on God, He is working either for us, in us, or both.

I wholeheartedly believe, those delayed times that we saw as a set back was actually God maneuvering the blessings and making them line up to His word.

God has a way of allowing us to take joy and delight in His gifts amidst the times that would’ve passed. While we are enjoying them, we never remember the wait and worry of the delay because His blessings always RECLAIM TIME!

God Is In The Denial

This year, like many of you probably have, I’ve had such grand plans for this year, but they all got canceled, each and every one.

It’s funny because I found myself asking God

  • “Did I not include You in my plans enough?”

  • “Did I move before You told me to?”

  • “Did I not give ear to Your voice turning me away from a thing as I made plans and preparation?”.

While the deadlines of each trip or plan I aimed to take had passed, I wondered why He would allow me to plan without giving some insight into what was next.

If You knew my plans would fall through, why didn’t You warn me?

I came to understand that God simply wanted to journey with me, and also you. God wanted to walk with some of us through disappointment, last-minute changes, improvising but also in the beauty of spontaneously starting something new.

God's creativity took center stage this year in this journey by using the denial of our personal ventures to show His creative hands at work.

I can’t even begin to go into detail about what God has personally done through the closed doors this year for me, as I’m sure many of you can also attest to this.

It Is Time To Crossover

Yet I find myself grateful for what was but excited about what’s next.

I am definitely glad we have reached the crossover!

That sounds so scary to say, I know, especially after a year like this one but we’re here, we’ve made it.

The waves that we thought would kill us ended up making us stronger and wiser.

I know so many of us have experienced great loss, great sacrifice, and a ton of disappointment but I do believe that it was necessary to get us to this point.

I’m grateful that God has gotten us through this passage of our journey and I truly think we’re crossing over more equipped than ever.

I truly believe God’s delay and even His denials were to prepare us to get greater work done.

While 2021 is upon us, we are more fit to function and more equipped to get through it.

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