Updated: Oct 11, 2020

Every regional community is composed of local assemblies led by someone considered to be the Elder or Pastor of that community. In other words, a local church.

It is invaluable that those of us who are believers find ourselves connected to such groupings of people for many reasons including:

Healthy Community

We must know what it is to live in true freedom with others who will not always understand us, agree with us, or support our every decision. Instead, a healthy community who will empower us to make sound decisions and walk in the freedom given to us by the Son of God.

Such fellowships are indeed crucial. They were vital during the Genesis of the Early Church and are still vital now.

The truth is, many times these kinds of communities function like true families.

I know, I know.....all communities are not the same.

Simply because there is a conglomerate of individuals who gather together and someone operates as their Senior Leader does not mean that it is a local assembly that you should, trust and join yourself too.

Sad to say, many find themselves in toxic communities that are led by wolves in sheep clothing and damaged men and women of God who wreak havoc upon the souls of those who look to them for guidance and instruction.

Even though imperfect, the truth remains that we must be willing to receive and enter into a relationship with loving yet imperfect men, women, boys, and girls that will allow us the freedom to become who Christ has called us to be without apology.

What does being planted in the Local Church look like?

Being truly planted is to be compared to being part of a healthy ecosystem. It is when we are a part of something wherein we both receive and give. It is not a system that facilitates us becoming depleted of all we have and that we are.

Simultaneously, it does not encourage us to become obese with the kindness of others. It does not allow for us to develop a self-centered and entitled mentality in any way.

Being planted, therefore, looks like learning to be Christ-like within the context of a community of people who care for us.

  • Planted looks like caring for your mothers and fathers, brothers and sisters in the faith.

  • Planted looks like a deeper relationship with Jesus Christ.

  • Planted looks like emotional and mental stability.

The Benefits of Being Planted

I believe whenever we begin to operate like people who are planted, we will start to showcase several traits that are indicative of our maturity into the person of Jesus Christ.

People who are planted learn to engage and relate to a diversity of individuals in healthy, though not always comfortable ways and, as a result, experience real growth in emotional intelligence and roundedness.

They learn to process through their prejudices, and private pains that naturally color and taint the world they live in until they can rise to a place where they can see with a multi-faceted perspective. Eventually, viewing themselves and the world around them in a loving manner. This, in turn, causes them to become optimistic and positive in their view of life and people.

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