Step by Step: Blind Faith

I’ve always found the notion of someone leading me to any place without me knowing where we are going as an anxious experience. In fact, being led blindly is undoubtedly one of the most detestable experiences that I hated growing up.

I don’t know if it was the uncertainty of inevitable consequences of trusting what I couldn’t see or my need to have control for my own life. But trusting anyone blindly was simply not an option for me, EVER.

Trust was always something I never gave easily. Even when I did trust, it was limited. I don’t think it was ever 100%.

Trust Issues With God

Sadly, I brought those issues into my relationship with Christ. Yeah, I know what you’re thinking, “How are you gonna bring your trust issues into a relationship with God?” Well, in all honesty, it’s still a relationship after all.

Lack of trust was my issue and it extended into every form of relationship. Unfortunately, God (at that time) wasn’t exempted from it. Additionally, we serve a God we haven’t exactly seen yet, so if the issue here is trust and I didn’t trust who I can see; imagine putting my trust in someone I could not.

Lack of trust for me was always comfortable. Not trusting meant feeling safe in my decisions. Getting to choose the best logical course of action for myself and knowing the outcome of those decisions felt like a safety net.

The problem here is, in a relationship with God (our King), holding on to trust issues takes away from who He is. It eliminates Him having authority or even a voice to rule sovereignly over our lives.

Scripture highlights that God strongly advises that we lean not on our own knowledge and skill but instead acknowledge God in our decisions and He will direct our path (Proverbs 3:5-6). In acknowledging God, despite having some idea of what we think is best for our lives, we should deliberately seek God’s opinion to know if this particular avenue is the best for us.

In the end, God has a responsibility to lead you to make the best choices.

How To Exercise Blind Faith

Now that we have gotten some idea as to what we’re supposed to do, how do we actually allow God to lead us blindly?

Well, my best answer is, learn to trust Him. Here are some ways you can do this:


The best way to trust anyone is by becoming familiar with them. We do this through communication which leads to understanding. God is almost always talking, we just have to take the time to listen.

When taking time to talk to God, don’t be afraid to ask Him to show you who He is. God is eager to show us who He is and He is never really been shy about revealing Himself to those who aren’t too busy to seek Him.

Just Do It

I once told someone that if you want to stop doing something you can not practice stopping, you have to simply stop.

This alludes to understanding that there are some things you just have to jump in and do, rather than practicing it bit by bit.

It will feel scary and you will probably feel anxious. I'm fairly certain you will sweat a lot, but trusting God has never led anyone to shame or defeat.

Track Record

We have 66 books in the Bible and access to the internet. In this, we can find and hear stories of persons who trusted in God’s leading and were not let down. We can easily go to a product for sale and see the reviews of others stating how decent a product is and why they think it’s a good or bad purchase.

Well for thousands of years people have been trusting God until death. There must be something that makes people think that doing what this God says is the best possible option. If that is the case, then trying God and being led by Him would not hurt.

God Is Good

I also think that if we think God is truly a good God in nature, we ought to think whatever He is trying to bring to us is good.

If goodness is what God is aiming to bring to our lives, then goodness is ultimately what He is leading us blindly towards.

It is all really about our perception when we think of it. We are usually afraid of what we can’t see. Since we are accustomed to calling what we can’t see a bad thing, we have attributed what God is disallowing us from seeing as a bad thing as well.

To this end, I think necessary measures should be taken to ensure that we:

1. See God and His decisions as good.

2. Seek God’s decisions over our own.

3. Trust His decisions and make room for them.

4. Partner with His decision in our actions and responses.

In the end, if we are to walk in blind faith, it is imperative we trust God. We must also remember that God is good and step by step He desires to lead us into a good life that honors Him.

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