Wash Your Hands & Watch Your Mouth

In Psalms 24, the psalmist David has given us the key climbing protocol that is necessary to ascend to the most holy Hill, The Hill of God.

As it is seen in the natural arena, there are steps that must be followed if one were to have an audience with royalty or any person of notoriety. The ignorance or abject rejection of this protocol can result in incarceration or in most severe circumstances, death.

With this in mind, it is necessary for us to know that we are in proper standing with the King before entering into His presence.

The protocols for the recent coronavirus that has hit the world has taught us the importance of washing our hands and covering our mouths. We have become accustomed now to note that refusal to adhere withholds us the opportunity from entering certain business places and workplaces.

Clean Hands In Worship

This same measure should be observed when attending to worship.

Worship we understand extends beyond the two to three-hour experience on a Saturday or Sunday morning – worship is a lifestyle, a way of living.

Worship, according to Jesus’ discussion with the woman at the well explains that the hour has now come where the worship of God will only be qualified when we worship Him in spirit and in truth.

Clearly, our worship is considered acceptable when our spiritual lives are in sync with that of heaven.

Since worship is a lifestyle, clean hands do not only apply to when we sing a song.

  • It speaks to our interaction with our fellow man.

  • It guides the integrity of our work and the uprightness of our business dealings.

  • It speaks clearly to our governmental duties and our submission, as much as is moral and true, to that which is Caesar’s.

We must be clear that our worship to God is not limited to lifting holy hands if our holy hands are doing ‘dirty deals’ under the table.

Our worship encompasses our life. As much as our worship is vertical, it is too expressed horizontally. Clean hands are a direct reflection of the purity of the heart.

This is why then we must endeavor as much as possible to let our Saturday or Sunday worship influence our Monday morning board meeting and Wednesday afternoon water cooler talk.

The purity of the works of our hands is necessary because God is concerned about what we use to play the sacrifice on the altar.

Your Mouth Creates

Watching our mouth is just as crucial in times like this. As creative beings, we follow the prototype that our Father, in whose image and likeness carried out in Genesis 1, – we speak things into existence.

We have the capacity to create the world in which we live – whether imagined or manifested - we are the products of the words of our mouth.

Our mouths are the catalyst for our future and we are well aware that which we are not experiencing can very well be because of the words of our mouths after prayer. The words short circuits what we have prayed for.

Ascending the hill of our God requires us to also watch our lips because it is definitely true that it is not what goes into the man that defiles the man, but it is what comes out of the man that defiles the man.

What comes out of our mouths can indeed defile that which is on the altar that we bring before the king as we ascend the hill.

We must be cognizant of the fact that our words must not conflict with our worship.

Overall, we must ascend the hill. Zion has sent a clarion call within the earth that the veil is torn and the way is made.

We need not wait at the foot of the hill like Joshua anymore, glory awaits us at the summit and we need not be concerned about veiled faces.

We must not worry about erecting tabernacles either like Peter, James, and John – we can too be transfigured.

Let us prepare ourselves – wash our hands, watch our mouths – the gates are lifted, the everlasting doors are raised – the King of Glory desires to come in!

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